Tooth Coloured Bonded Fillings in Toronto, Ontario

Bonded fillings, also known as composite or white bonded fillings are tooth coloured restorations that are chemically bonded to the dentin and enamel of a damaged tooth. Bonded dental restorations are an excellent option for patients who suffer from tooth damage caused by cavities, or for those who wish to replace old, metal dental fillings.

Small cosmetic changes can also be made with dental bonding, those who would like to make small cosmetic changes to teeth in areas of low bite-pressure can often be considered for:

- Repairing chipped or cracked teeth
- Improving the appearance of discoloured teeth
- Close small spaces between teeth
- To make certain teeth longer
- To change the shape of a tooth
- To protect the tooth's root when the gum line begins to recede.

A decayed tooth can cause immense pain, which will usually result in discomfort and irritation. If it is not treated in a timely manner, the germs will start spreading to surrounding teeth, eventually causing damage to them as well. 

Wychwood Dental, on St. Clair Ave. West, in Toronto, Ontario provides bonded fillings that can hardly be detected - Should you have old, metallic fillings, we can safely and effectively remove them, then replace them with tooth-coloured bonding materials to provide a much more natural look to your mouth. These are further recommended by dentists, as a solution to damaged teeth as they also protect your teeth from further damage.

There is a small amount of preparation needed, which can be done in less than thirty minutes.
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