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If your tooth is damaged to a point that our dentists are absolutely sure that a restorative procedure will be ineffective in restoring the health of the tooth, a tooth extraction might become the only option. A tooth that is damaged, broken, decayed or injured is often repaired using dental fillings or crowns. When gum disease or a damaged tooth are left untreated for a long enough stretch of time, plaque and tartar develop inside your mouth, which can  affect the strength of your supporting-gums. If the gums are weakened enough, they might loosen their grip on your teeth, ultimately causing the damaged tooth to fall out. Further, some situations make it necessary for you to have a damaged or severely infected tooth pulled by your dentist– for example, to prevent the spread of bacteria, caused by advanced decay, to the surrounding gums and teeth. 

Our dentists at Wychwood Dental, located on St Clair Ave. W., in Toronto, Ontario will recommend a tooth extraction only when there is no other viable option available. 

Certain impacted third molars, or wisdom teeth, require removal due to abnormal growth, which can cause surrounding teeth to become crowded and injured. If you have a wisdom tooth that has grown-in / developed abnormally, it also risks becoming decayed as its positioning hinders the cleaning (brushing and flossing) of adjacent teeth. This type of decay may damage other, surrounding, teeth as well. Essentially, sometimes it is necessary to extract a wisdom tooth that is causing crowding, growing in sideways, or is causing certain other oral complications in order to prevent surrounding teeth from becoming damaged.

Our dentists and staff always recommend replacing a missing tooth, whether it was removed or knocked out. – Healthy teeth that surround a gap left by a missing tooth can gradually shift out of place, potentially ruining your smile.

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