Full Mouth Restoration in Toronto, Ontario

If you haven’t been able to access proper dental care in a very long time, you may be suffering from worn, discoloured, missing, chipped or otherwise broken teeth. Not only does this affect your self-esteem, it can also affect the way you speak and chew. In the absence of regular dental checkups, teeth are prone to becoming severely damaged and complications arise more and more often, eventually to a point where they become threatening to the overall health of the mouth. This can then, in turn, cause damage to your overall health.  

Wychwood Dental can help almost any patient, no matter how advanced your dental woes are, with a full mouth restorative treatment. We combine a variety of dental procedures and techniques including periodontal and endodontic therapies, dental bridges & crowns, porcelain veneers and dental implants, Wychwood Dental can give you a beautiful, healthy smile- of which you can be proud. We provide full mouth restorations to terminate oral imperfections. This treatment may be priceless for dental issues like broken teeth, chipped or missing teeth, gum diseases or misaligned teeth. 

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Full Mouth Restoration in TorontoFull Mouth Restoration in Toronto ON